Why Electric Tourist Coach so popular around the Scenic spot in China?

With the development of our economy and people’s living stander, more and more people pay great attention to their personal promotion and traveling to broaden their view. In August, September and October these three months is the peak season for traveling each year. Some famous and big tourist spot attract thousands and millions visitors each day. Electric tourist shuttle bus pay a great role in transport travelers from one spot to another one. One more other reason is when you sit on the sightseeing car; you could enjoy the beautiful view along the journey especially for the elder and some children. Wherever in the famous scenic areas, prosperous pedestrian Street, park, hotel, resort and campus, you will see many electric sightseeing cars with visitors on the road. Why electric tourist coach so popular around the scenic spot in China? We will use our one series of electric sightseeing car to tell you the reasons, there are as follow:

Firstly, because of the humanized design
The electric shuttle vehicles and electric utility truck use the special landscape glass with the large-arc which has a wide view so visitors can enjoy the view when the car driving on the road. It adopts ergonomics design, with excellent shock absorption performance, smooth driving, and excellent load-carrying performance, easy to operate. Therefore, when you sit on the car it’s very comfortable and safe.

Secondly, because of the energy conservation and environmental protection.

Our electric sightseeing car and electric golf buggy for sale are installed free maintenance lead-acid battery that are easy to recharge, you can charge anytime anywhere and one charge can drive about 80-100 kilometers.(but  different model with different range). Our low speed vehicle golf cart has no harmful gases, no pollution and is good for the environment; no noise so you could have a good mood to relax yourself and enjoy the sound comes from the nature.

Thirdly, because of the economical and practical

At present on the market the price of electric tourist car is between tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. What’s more, electric tourist car with simple components and very convenient to maintenance. With small size, they can be flexibly shuttle on various kinds of roads. Someone may worry about the passenger capacity, please feel release about that, different model with different passenger capacity, you can choose one meet your demand, as our company we have 8,11,14,15 and 23 seats sightseeing car with door without door are available. Also, we have mini golf cart for sale which has 2, 4, 6 and 8 seats. Various cart will fit for your different request.


Guangzhou Langqing electric sightseeing car has a special appearance, graceful atmosphere, wider vision, more decorative coverage and luxurious style; high-end PU seats are equipped in the whole car, the back row is widened sofa seats which are more comfortable for the passenger. Our series electric sightseeing bus with electric power steering can help you easy to control the direction of the car.  4-wheel hydraulic brake system (front disc brake, rear drum brake) + handbrake will make the driving easier and safer. We could provide customized service; we can change the seat into the bus seats or putting your own logo or some other things if you have any special demand of the electric sightseeing car please inform us, we will produce the car on your requirement.

Guangzhou Langqing Electric Car Co.,Ltd  is one of the biggest electric company at Guangzhou, China. Our company was founded in 2000, located in Nansha District famous as “Pudong” of Guangzhou. Langiqng Industrial Park started to be in the process of construction since 2003, covering an area of 150,000 square meters. Our main products are: electric shuttle car, mini electric golf cart, electric cargo truck, electric tow tractor, electric ambulance car, electric utility truck, vintage electric car for sale,also we have electric patrol car, etc, dozens of models. As one of the electric shuttle bus manufacturers, we have almost all the lines of the low speed electric car. Welcome to contact with us. We can also customize for customer if you have special request on the electric car. Good choice for the project, hotel, park or other needed place.

With the strategy of developing the company through Science and Technology, as well as working with national research institutes for the strong cooperation, to research and create breakthroughs for the new product, the core technology, production processes, product testing technology etc. We were approved by 1809001:2000, IS014000 and CE certification. We are having more than 20 national patents (including invention patents, utility model patents and design patents).


”customer-centric, sincere cooperation at all times.” as our marketing concept, we will try our best to provide our best service to our customer and work for our mutual benefit together.



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