Security Golf Cart, Electric Ambulance Cart
security golf cart without door
electric ambulance car
security golf cart with door

Security golf cart LQX080

6 seats security golf cart with or without door provide cost-effective options for patrol around your hotel, resort, convention center, airport or other needful environment. The electric ambulance cart door makes the passengers superior comfort. The smaller one is 4 seats.

Technical specifications

  • Passenger Capacity: 6-8 people
  • Maximum loading: 680 kg
  • Range: 80 km
  • Maximum speed: 28km/h



Technical Specifications

The Car Doors Are Available

L×W×H 3650×1520×2060mm

otor 4kW(DC)

Battery 6Vx8pcs

Passenger Capacity 6-8 seats

Kerb Weight 820kg

Gross Weight 1500kg

Axle Distance 2500mm

F Tread 1150mm

R Tread 1200mm

Min. Clearance 150mm

Min Turning Radius 5.5m

Braking distance≤4.5m

Max. Speed 28km/h

Range 80km

Charging Time 8~10h

Climbing Ability(full loading) 18%



Our Electric Vehicles offers a wide range of colors, not only the colors pictured on the website. Please contact our sales for more information.


This security car is one of the hot sale item. We cooperate with many goverment police and security departments who use this low speed golf car for security patrol in city street, square, touritst attraction and such place. Using this kinds of security golf car will improve working effection and goverment image. 


-Can it put our logo on the car?

--Of course! You offer your logo design. We will put your on the electric car. 



The Electric Ambulance Cart mentioned here is one type of electric cart that is powered by the battery and driven by an electric motor. They are widely used in some specific areas for emergency issues, like place football/soccer club, Hotel, Resort, Public Community, School, University, Hospital as so on. In these areas, the road is small and narrow; it is not convenient to move the patient or the wounded. So this electric ambulance cart is a great choice for transporting the patient or the wounded from one spot to the Hospital Room or Hospital Ambulance Cart. The Electric Ambulance Cart will be equipped with the bed or the professional medical stretcher or some medical first-aid articles which can help the wounded immediately once the emergency happens. An electric ambulance cart is not necessary, but it is a good choice for managing an emergency. Langqing has some different models of the electric ambulance cart, we have different seats to fit your different request. We have 2 seats(including the driver) with a bed and 3 seats(including the driver) with a bed. Also, we have the closed cart with more seats and a bed. The optional foldable and moveable bed is the optional fittings. 

Customization & Accessories


Rain cover


Safety bar


Two points seat belt


Sun curtain


Roof handle


Solar panel


Quick change batteries car


Build in charger

Shipping Info


The whole car were loaded into the container, you do not need to do the additional installation.

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