Small electric truck LQF090
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Small electric truck LQF090

Langqing small electric truck is for all heavy duty delivery applications! This is the perfect vehicle to use around the resort for housekeeping, room service, or any maintenance application. Great for POSTAL DELIVERY, FREIGHT DELIVERY, HOTEL MAINTANENCE, and more!  LQF090 model’s loading capacity is 900kg. The 1200kg, 2000kg and 3000kg are available from our products family. This electric light trucks contain 48 volt systems. The optional fittings AC system can achieve better speed or climbing environment requirements.

Technical specifications

  • Passenger Capacity: 2 people
  • Maximum loading: 900 kg
  • Range: 70 km
  • Maximum speed: 28km/h


Product Details

Technical Specifications 

Right Hand Drive is Available

L×W×H 3820×1430×1940mm

Motor 4kW(DC)

Passenger Capacity 2 seats

Battery 6Vx8pcs

Kerb Weight 900kg

Maximum loading: 900 kg

Axle Distance 1935mm

F Tread 1210mm

R Tread 1200mm

Min. Clearance 150mm

Min Turning Radius 4.5m

Min. Clearance 150mm

Max. Speed 28km/h

Range 70km

Charging Time 8~10h

Climbing Ability(full loading) 12%

Weight Platform (LxWxH)2400x1360x300mm


Our Electric Vehicles offers a wide range of colors, not only the colors pictured on the website. Please contact our sales for more information.


Langqing is one of the professional electric buggy suppliers in China. Beside electric shuttle car, we also have the small electric truck for sale. LQF090 is the small size electric utility truck. It loading capacity is 900kg which is enough for most of the light things in hotel, airport, and factory. And this model can be the right hand drive. We can add one more row of seats, the full roof and other optional fittings. If you want bigger truck, we also have 1200kg, 1500kg, 2000kg and 3000kg loading capacity electric utility truck for choose.


-Can we load more than the maximum loading capacity?

–Please do not load the things which are heavier than the standard loading capacity of the electric utility truck. It will damage the axle and tires. That means you need to buy a bigger electric utility truck. Please contact with our sales person to get details.

Customization & Accessories

Plastic seats


Two poiont seat belt


Sun curtain


Roof handle


Quich change batteries car


Build in charger


One more raw of seats


Long roof

Shipping Info

The full assembled cars’ package and no additional installation is required after reaching the destination.

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