How to Use and Daily Maintain Electric Sightseeing Car?

Electric sightseeing car, patrol car, electric shuttle bus can be seen everywhere because of their convenience, easy to operation and a small size. In addition, it is no pollution, no noise and is good for the environment. In order to use electric sightseeing car more reasonable, safe and regular, strengthen the management of electric vehicle and drivers, improve the efficiency of usage of electric shuttle bus, daily maintenance plays a very important role in electric sightseeing car.


First, electric sightseeing vehicles shall be especially responsible for hygiene, cleaning, basic maintenance, failure reporting and other work. The administrator shall make basic inspection of the electric tourist car in accordance with the safety inspection rules before and after using each electric sightseeing car, if they finding out the failure of spare parts or any damage of the car, they need to make a feedback report immediately.


Second, after the driver used the car, they must be parked in order on their own position so easy to inspect them.
No one could drive the electric sightseeing car out of a specific area without authorization, because the electric travel bus is in a low speed, if you drive the car on the road is very dangerous.


Electric tourist car operate diary system. Drivers need to register the usage of each vehicle, including usage time, brief description of vehicle condition, maintenance record, failure report record, etc. So it is easy to find out what the problem for each car.


Electric Vehicles should be charged regularly to ensure they have adequate power consumption when need to use it. Now on the market there are mainly two kinds of battery, one is lead-acid battery and the other one is lithium battery. If your electric sightseeing car not use for a long time, please recharge lead-acid battery once a month and lithium battery once every two months.


The person who is in charge of electric sightseeing bus maintenance is responsible for the daily maintenance of the electric vehicle. The contents include: inspect the car tire, braking system, steering wheel, electric battery, all lighting lamp, reversing mirror, wiper, motor, flasher, horn, butter, gear, paint, valve, battery connection cable and the rest to make sure to meet the working requirements. What’s more please check the tire pressure of the electric car to meet the working standards and check the tire screw is firm or not. When starting the vehicle, please check the sound of the engine is normal or not. Please make sure the forward/backward controller is reversing beeper properly. When the current forward/backward switch is placed in the R "backward" position, the reversing beeper should be sounded as a warning.


For the regular preventive maintenance. The contents as follow: supplying brake oil and battery fluid every week. To adjust the steering wheel, lighting and brake each month, filling in the Vehicle Maintenance Registration Card on time, indicating the condition of vehicle inspection and maintenance. Avoid washing the brake hub as far as possible to prevent the oxidation of the inner part of the brake hub and the surface of the brake skin from causing rust. If rust is found on the surface, the rusty part of the surface can be removed with sandpaper. Check whether the brake function is normal or not. When the brake pedal is completely depressed with proper pressure, the vehicle should stop smoothly and in a straight line. About the steering, before driving the car, the steering wheel should be easy to steer and there should be no movement in the steering wheel.


Maintenance records. The driver is responsible for recording the daily maintenance of the vehicle, and the maintenance personnel is responsible for daily checking, maintenance and summarizing the records. The person who responsible for maintenance shall check the operation of the equipment every week so that if find the problem could solve them in time.


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