Driving Safety Details and Main Accessories of Electric Classic Car

The electric classic car is a kind of the electric tourist car. Before the 1990s, most of the electric classic cars in China were imported. Until 1992, we developed and produced bicycles and some other electric vehicle products. With more than 20 years development, the technology of electric vehicles has gradually matured. With the rapid growth of the industry, China has a large number of electric classic car manufacturers with strength and scale.


The electric sightseeing classic car has a beautiful appearance, spacious space and a wide view of the front window. Sitting on the comfortable seat and enjoying the charming scenery around you. What’s more, it’s simple to drive, the overall performance is great, and it is a perfect combination of classical and modern, nostalgia and trendy. Although the operation of the electric classic car is easy, but we still have to pay attention to some matters in the process of driving. Here are some details that we need to know when driving an electric classic car.


1. Before you start, you should observe whether there are pedestrians or other vehicles around the electric car, then hang up the gear, and slowly press the acceleration pedal. The electric classic car will start driving. At this time, please remember not to accelerate sharply and keep the car with a low and smooth speed to avoid damage to the circuit system.


2. When the vintage electric car for sale meets the ramp during driving and the speed will drop. At this time, you should press down the acceleration pedal to increase the driving force. If you are going down a long slope, it is good to press on the brake pedal to avoid the danger because of driving too fast. In order to prevent the electronic controller life from being shortened, frequent tapping of the acceleration pedal is prohibited.


3. In the case of rain and snow weather, do not rush to step on the brake pedal, but should be uniform and smooth repeated pedal, in order to avoid the wheel lock, because the wheel lock will make the braking distance longer.


4. The steering wheel should be avoided from turning too fast and too large. When turning, the steering wheel should be operated smoothly at a safe speed. Try to bypass the puddle with a water depth of more than 10 cm, so as to prevent water droplets from entering the electrical line and affecting driving safety. Frequent speed reducer or bumpy road will cause mechanical damage, be sure to slow down!


Next, let’s learn more about the main accessories of the electric classic car.

(1) Body and Roof: the body is made of super strength, corrosion resistant fiberglass, the outer bracket is made of stainless steel, beautiful, strong, light weight, and the roof is canvas insulation, rain-proof.

(2) Front windshield: special toughened glass equipped with wiper.

(3) Chassis: Welded tubular steel with rust-proof powder coated paint

(4) Seat: Using advanced foaming technology, the cushion is soft and comfortable, with black leather outsourcing.

(5) Dashboard: luxury interior decoration instrument, voltage meter, electricity indicator, steering buzzer and wiper switch.

(6)Steering system: single wheel rack steering system, has the function of automatically adjusting the clearance to make the direction rotation portable.


(7) Electrical parts: front lighting headlights, steering lights, brake lights, reverse warning device, horn and the rest.

(8) Motor: AC motor, superior traction performance, power: 5~7.5KW.

(9) Battery: Domestic high quality battery with long service life

(10) Electronic controller:Speed regulation and acceleration system:  pulse width modulation type, over temperature protection circuit and so on.

(11) Charging device: famous brand intelligent charger, which has the characteristics of light weight, short charging time, long service life and so on.

(12) Suspension system: The Macpherson Strut suspension system, coil spring +shock absorber. The rear suspension, Leaf spring +shock absorber non-independent suspension

(13) Braking system: the use of hydraulic double-circuit braking system with mechanical brake, four-wheel oil brake plus rear axle brake, stronger safety and higher stability.


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