What Do We Do If The Electric Sightseeing Car Can't Be Charged?

It’s an urgent thing that if electric shuttle bus can not be charged during the traveling peak season in many tourist attractions. In order to avoid such trouble happen, we need to know how to maintain electric sightseeing car daily. Guangzhou Lang Qing engineers share some professional knowledge and experience with you. What causes the failure to charge the electric tourist coach as following reason?


First of all, the  battery inspection: when the battery dries up, it will affect battery capacity, and when it is serious, it will cause the battery to fail to use. So when using this kind of electric car, it is necessary to know how those electric sightseeing bus should be recharged correctly. Many users do not pay great attention how to recharge the electric shuttle car. In their opinion, electric car should be run out of the electricity and then to recharge. In fact, this will affect the function of the battery, resulting in the decline of battery activity. (Another situation is to check the service life of the battery, when the service life reaches the life cycle of the battery specification, we should pay attention to check the performance of the battery. In general, the battery can not be replaced until the battery can not be used at all, but should be replaced with a new battery before reaching their service life, which can fully ensure the safety of the power supply system and the normal operation of the vehicle. So what is the specific basis for judging that the battery of an electric sightseeing bus should be replaced? When the battery service life is nearing the end, the capacity will drop sharply, and the vehicle mileage can not meet the requirements, which is quite different from before, so it is time to consider replacing the battery. The batteries of electric sightseeing cars must be replaced in groups and cannot be used together with old and new batteries. At the same time, we should choose the same manufacturer and the same type of battery, please don’t use the battery of different manufacturers or different type.


Second, check if the charging circuit is abnormal, the wire, plug and socket normal or not, once found that the line is broken, should be replaced immediately, the charging circuit must be firmly connected.


Third, When you found that the charger of electric sightseeing bus is suddenly uncharged, it is necessary to check whether the charger is in good condition, and then to check are there any abnormal phenomena in the charging parameters. After confirming that it is correct, we will check the other parts one by one.


Forth, checking the board for irreversible sulfation. So what lead to irreversible sulfation  happen? Usually, it can be distinguished by two aspects. The one aspect is that the voltage rises rapidly at the time of charging, especially when some individual voltages are particularly high. The other  is the rapid drop in voltage during discharge. The occurrence of these two phenomena indicates that there is a problem with the board.

Why  electric sightseeing bus can not be charged? When the vehicle suddenly can not be recharged, please do not worry too much, we have to find out the reason, usually the reason for this situation is due to the failure to connect the line. If the electric sightseeing bus is out of power, you should charge it in time. Don't wait until all the  electricity finished. In order to prevent such  situation happen, it's better to recharge the electric car once a month. The charger, charging sockets, batteries and lines should be checked every time before charging.


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