The Advantages and Characteristics of Electric Sanitation Vehicle?

Recently, garbage classification in Shanghai, China has attracted wide attention around China. Garbage classification should starts from each person, each family. Garbage classification is a symbol of the further development of urban environmental protection projects and a policy that must be implemented to protect the environment. People’s awareness of environment should be improved.
Thought at first it is difficult for us to classify the garbage but it will become very simple when we get used to it. We believe that with the Langqing electric sanitation truck, the garbage classification is more visual and systematic. Each city needs garbage classification electric transport truck to deliver the garbage. In the next future, about 45 large cities in the country will carry about this policy! Are you making a good preparation for it?
It is said that the garbage can should be classified and sold out of stock. How about the garbage truck? Of course, garbage trucks also have to be classified, and different types of garbage have to be transported to different places for disposal.


In order to support the environmental protection, Guangzhou Lang Qing electric truck should make contribution about it.. Let us have a look at our garbage sorting truck, what kind of garbage on which truck. It's so convenient!


It is everyone's responsibility to do well for the environment! We support garbage classification, support the environmental protection and make full use of the useful garbage. How to distinguish dry garbage, wet garbage, hazardous waste and recyclable garbage? We need to learn in advance, after all if you throwing the garbage wrong you will get a fine.


Now, let's get to the point, we will introduce our electric truck for you, sanitation truck is a fast electric environmental protection vehicle, suitable for the use of materials and garbage removal in various residential areas and streets, which reduces the labor intensity of sanitation workers and at the same time, improves work efficiency. It enhances the good image of energy conservation and it is the major communities, urban roads and other places indispensable sanitation equipment.


Next, we will share more detail of our electric truck for your information. Our electric sanitation truck standard one could load 0.9 ton and 1.2 ton (If you have any other requirement, please let us know we will try our best to meet your demand). The car design is reasonable, reduces the labor intensity of sanitation workers and increases work efficiency. This model of electric truck is easy to operate and safe use.
In addition, the electric garbage removal vehicle is designed according to the group of workers, operation ability and the rest. Our electric vehicle uses the battery to store electric energy as power, the  cost is lower than the lithium battery, the truck  is easy to use and can drive on different road condition. Because of the small size so can be parked at anytime and somewhere.
Further more, the design of the electric cleaning truck is very beautiful, its structure is quite tight after it finished. Its shape is also very novel in all the garbage removal vehicles. In addition, it has sufficient horsepower when climbing the slope.


Last but not least, the back of the electric cleaning vehicle design with hydraulic tail plate , with such a design, in the operation instead of manpower to carry out the operation, at the same time, the treatment of  labor time will also be a lot of savings.


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