Electric Freight Car

As its name implies, electric cargo truck is a kind of electric vehicle designed to carry goods from one place to the destination. Different from ordinary truck, electric truck is driven by electricity, while ordinary truck is driven by power. The main purpose of the design is to meet the demand of transport goods at those places such as factories, logistics centers and the rest.

Electric trucks are environmentally friendly and energy-saving, unlike other cars which use gas and diesel that emit some air-polluting gases, so they are become more and more popular in China to loading goods in some closed areas. We take the weather into consideration so now we have electric cargo truck with door and without door. If with door could ensure users to drive normally in rainy and snowy days, have no affected by the bad weather, but also provide users with a comfortable driving environment. The one without door is more suitable to use in the hot weather in some areas. In addition, it is also equipped with professional industrial load frame, which can protect and transport goods very well. The material of the frame is rust-proof or corrosion-proof so you don’t need to worry about corrosion.

Our Langqing electric truck has different material of the case box, like composite box, iron box, stainless steel box electric truck for you to choose. It have smart and concise appearance, suitable functional configuration, simplify but not luxury, exquisite and practical; repeated optimization, strong mature chassis, reliable quality, widely used. It’s easy to operate and smoothly driving on the road that to make sure to transport the goods to the destination safety.
Next, let's learn more about the charging mode of electric freight cars. There are two modes of charging, one is fast charging and the other one is slow charging. Many people often use fast charging in order to be fully charged the car in a short period of time, but is it really good to the electric car? Does fast charging have any bad effects on the battery? In many people’s opinion, you may know that fast charging is not so good. But for the ordinary power supply, it takes about eight hours to from zero to full. Of course, we don't drive our electric car at zero power on a daily basis, usually with only 10% left then need to recharge. Slow charging is a little slow in time, but it's better than fast charging. Why? Let's to know more about it.

Actually, many electric vehicle manufacturers do not agree with excessive use fast charging, once or twice is available, but too many times will cause a burden on the battery. In order to shorten the charging time, it is necessary to increase the charging current and voltage, which will cause certain voltage shock and overheating danger to the battery, and cause irreversible damage to the battery structure. Affect the performance of the battery and shorten the service life.

When charging slowly, the cycle life of the battery is a little longer than slow charging. Economically, fast charging consumes more electricity than slow charging, which also increases the cost of battery damage. So slow charging is better than fast charging in some way. Electric car manufacturers or factory suggest that in addition to the use of fast charging in case of emergency, if time is available it is better to charge slowly.

Guangzhou Langqing Electric Car Co..Ltd  is located in Nansha district, Guangzhou , China with 19 years experience in dealing with various kind of electric car at home and abroad. Our main products are as follow: 8 ,11,14,15 and 23 seats electric sightseeing car with door and without door, 2,4,6 and 8 seats electric golf car, 6 ,8 and  11 seats electric classic car,4, 6 and 8 seats electric patrol car with door and without door, electric  utility car, electric sanitation truck, 0.9ton, 1.2ton and 3 ton loading electric freight truck, electric ambulance car, small city bus and the rest. If you need more information of our electric car please feel free to contact us. If you will attend the China Import and Export Fair which held at Guangzhou exhibition center, China. We warmly welcome to visit our stand and visit our factory. Each time we will take part in the Canton Fair to display our newest product so let’s meet together at our stand. For more information our booth numbers please check with our website.

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