Two Common Driving Rules of Golf Car

With the improvement of people’s living stander, playing golf is a very popular sport now. They are not only enjoy the pleasures of nature but also and joys of sports at the same time. With the promotion of golf, golf car should also be born and become an indispensable short-distance means of transportation on the course. Expect to use on the course, they can also be used in resorts, villas, airport, hotel and other places.

Today our topic is to talk about golf carts and learn about the driving rules of them. With the change of seasons and the different conditions of the stadium, the golf car will achieve different car driving rules, there are two common driving rules, let's learn more about them.

Firstly, golf cars are limited to driving in the driveway, so the rule is mainly applicable to courses with relatively wet and soft ground. The purpose of this is to avoid damage to the turf of the fairway due to the overturning of tires.
Secondly, 90 degree rules. The rule requires golf owners to drive in the driveway. When they reach the position level with the drop point, they can turn at a right angle of 90 degrees and drive directly across the fairway to the ball position. Wait until the player hits the ball and then driving the golf cart back to the fairway. The 90-degree rule allows players to drive to the ball position and damage the fairway grass to a small extent.

The golf car is a specially designed for the golf course. We all know that the golf car is mainly driven by batteries. If the car does not have electricity, it cannot drive. It is a distressing thing if electric cars to have no electricity.
How can we solve this problem? If you can save electricity, you can increase the mileage, so you don't have to worry about not having enough electricity. So how can we save electricity for the car? Let’s learn more about it together.




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