How to Extend the Service Life of Electric Vehicles?

Electric sightseeing bus, electric shuttle car, electric patrol car, electric utility truck, garbage collection car, shuttle bus can be seen everywhere because of their convenience, easy to operation and a small size. It is much cheaper than car which uses gas or diesel and it’s saving labor than bicycle. Electric shuttle bus is more and more popular recently and how to extend the service life of electric vehicles is very important to us. Langqing electric car company is a electric buggy supplier who start the business from 2003.

Many manufacturer and trading company will inform you that the battery of the electric car will last for 2-3 years but  you will find that some can not working so long, so what happen to the electric car. Many factors will affect it, maybe we use the car improperly way.


How to choose a low speed vehicle golf cart that will help you to save money?

When we use the electric tourist vehicles, electric patrol car or electric utility truck of other electric cars, we need to pay attention to the battery. Now on the market there are mainly two kinds of battery, one is lead-acid battery and the other one is lithium battery. The difference between two kinds battery is that lead-acid battery’s life service shorter than the lithium battery, usually the lead-acid battery could use about 3 years but the lithium battery could use about 5 years. But the lead-acid batter is much cheaper than lithium battery. Lead-acid battery can be recharge any time while lithium battery can be recharge only after all the electricity run out.

If you maintain battery of  the electric car in a proper way, they can working for a long time and it will help you save much money. We have some suggestions for you.

There are 6 tips for you to extend the electric car’s working time.

The first aspect:

No overloading or overweight. If you often overloading, it will lead to excessive battery loss and if long time in such a situation will shorten battery’s life circle.

The second aspect

For the recharging of the car, when first time to recharge the sightseeing car must be full charge. Lead-acid battery car can be charging or discharging anytime but lithium battery only can charge when its power finished.  If your need to keep the electric sightseeing car in the house and not to use it for a long time, please recharge lead-acid battery one once a month and lithium battery one once every two months. This is very important thing for the battery, otherwise the battery may be damaged.

The third aspect:

No braking in suddenly, if you often braking suddenly, it will reduce brake system sensitivity. As a result, it will waste more capacity of the battery and if a long time in this working condition it will shorter the life time of the battery of the electric sightseeing car.

The fourth aspect:

When  electric tourist car climbing, if we  drive headwind it is also a  kind of impact loss, which not only affects the battery's endurance, but also shortens the battery's service life.

The fifth aspect:

We need to often check the battery, because the battery is not only needed to install well but also fixed well. If the batteries are in a good condition, then no matter how up and down the road is and can do less harm to the battery of the electric sightseeing car.

The sixth aspect:

Batteries should be kept clean so as to effectively avoid automatic discharge of batteries. If you can do as the above six aspects, your electric tourist coach will working for a long time and could help you save much money and much time.

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