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Golf cart is a green passenger car specially developed for golf course, which is used in many tourist attractions, resorts and hotels. With the strength of environmental protection, low speed vehicle golf cartgolf car manufacturers let more people accept. In such an environment, what is the market demand for low speed vehicle golf cart, golf car manufacturers? Although the influence of market economy makes the development speed of golf cart industry slow down slightly in the past two years, with the rapid development of national economy and the gradual extinction of international financial crisis, the golf cart industry has ushered in a good opportunity for development.


Thanks to the continuous improvement of production technology and the expansion of downstream demand market, the low speed vehicle golf cart, golf car manufacturers is very optimistic in the domestic and international markets. In recent years, China's low speed vehicle golf cart, golf car manufacturers has developed rapidly, the domestic consumption of products has increased year by year, most manufacturers not only provide golf cart, cart series products, but also produce other vehicles or sports equipment products.


In addition, China is one of the world's largest low speed vehicle golf cartgolf car manufacturers. There are a lot of golf cart products exported every year.


Golf is a fascination for many people. On the golf course, everyone, every movement, every grass, every air molecule is very pleasing to the eye. Every action is required to be perfect on this playground, including driving a golf cart.


Due to the different seasons and conditions of the course, the club will apply different rules of the coach, the most common are two:


Firstly, the cart is only allowed to drive in the driveway. The rule is applicable to the wet and soft ground course, with the aim of avoiding damage to the pitch turf due to the rolling of the tire.


Secondly .90 degree rule. The rule requires the cart to drive mainly in the driveway. After reaching the position level with the drop point, it can turn 90 degrees right angle and cross the fairway directly to the ball position. After the player hits the ball, drive the cart back to the lane and move on. The 90 degree rule allows players to drive to the ball and minimize damage to the grass.


Electric golf cart power saving can increase driving mileage, electric golf cart power saving need to pay attention to the following points:
1. avoid speed-up of electric golfers
2. Avoid speedy parking of electric golf cart
3. Maintain stable driving speed of electric golf cart
4. Maintain normal tire pressure for electric golf carts


Electric golf cart needs regular maintenance:
1. do not lose electricity storage.
2. Periodic inspection
3. Do not discharge large current, try to avoid instantaneous large current discharge. High current discharge can easily lead to lead sulfate crystallization, thus damaging the physical properties of battery plate.
4. Master charging time, in general, batteries are charged at night, the average charging time is about 8 hours.
5. Prevent high temperature exposure, golf cart can not be exposed to the sun.




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