How to Drive a Golf Cart?

Golfing is a sport with special charm. It is an activity for people to exercise, cultivate their sentiments and improve skills in a natural and elegant natural green environment.


Golf carts are often used when playing golf, so how to use golf carts correctly? As the electric golf car supplier, we would like to have a chat about this.


Players do not need a driver’s license to drive golf carts on the course, but the premise is that you must understand the basics of driving on the court and be able to drive golf carts without damaging the turf or offending other players. When driving a golf cart, keep driving at a constant speed to avoid loud noises due to acceleration. When driving, always pay attention to the players around you. Once you find someone is about to hit the ball, you must stop and wait until he hits the ball before starting the golf cart to continue driving. Due to the different seasons and court conditions, the club will implement different driving rules for the golf carts! There are two common ones:


● The caddy is only allowed to drive in the lane-this rule is applicable to the wet and soft ground, the purpose is to avoid damage to the fairway turf due to the rolling of the caddy tire.


● 90-degree rule-This rule requires the caddy to drive mainly on the lane. After reaching a position flush with the ball, it can turn at a 90-degree right angle and drive across the fairway directly to the side of the ball. After the player hits the ball, the cart will be driven back to the fairway to continue driving forward. The implementation of the 90-degree rule not only allows players to drive to the ball, but also! To a small extent damage the fairway grass.


It must be borne in mind that under any circumstances on any course, whether it is a golf cart or a trolley, it is strictly forbidden to drive (push) the green and teeing area, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the course, which is unforgivable. Usually, there are signs on the court to indicate the area where golf carts are driven and parked. Players should strictly follow them.


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