There Things You Need to Know about Mini Electric Golf Cart

Mini electric golf cart  is becoming more and more popular around the world. They can be seen anywhere. We are a manufacturer and trading company with many years experience in dealing with various electric car at home and abroad, such as mini golf cart for sale and the rest. Let’s study more about mini electric golf cart.


Mini electric golf cart  is widely used in golf courses for commuting, park, airport , resort, factory , real estate, school and the rest. Our mini golf cart for sale  has robust construction, corrosion resistance and fashion design and the rest .


Customers can avail from us a superior quality range of  2 seats ,4 seats, 6seats and  8 seats mini electric golf cart. For these cars, we make use of good materials. Our mini golf cart for sale  are assembled by professional worker. Our mini electric golf cart  series are popular due to their sturdy construction, novel design , longer service life, high efficiency and excellent performance.




If  you have the electric vehicle you should make thefollow are some notices :


High current output should be avoided

The first thing  is to avoid the large output current, no need to  the vernacular is stepped on the throttle to the end. The instantaneous high flow rate will produce lead sulfate crystal, which will damage the physical performance of the battery plate and accelerate the battery attenuation.


Excessive discharge should be avoided.

To avoid excessive discharge, it’s not good to use the electricity completely, and then to recharge, that’s bad for the battery.


Don't overcharge.

When charging the mini electric golf cart, please  be careful not to overcharge. The charging time is about 6-12 hours if you use slow charge.




Notes when  using a mini golf cart for sale on rainy days:


Firstly, when driving on the raining day, try to avoid driving to the  places with serious stagnant water, because the electric vehicle with many chassis accessories, and too much water will lead to poor line contact. If you must pass through, suggest you try to choose some roads with shallow water, because if the water is too deep,  it is very likely to cause a series of problems, such as the horn does not sound, the brake fails, the controller does not work properly, and so on.


Secondly, after the electric car is in the rain, do not plug in the power supply to charge immediately, this will cause short circuit, the charger will also appear circuit plate corrosion, we should put the electric car in the parking lot, ventilated place to dry, before charging. We need to check whether there is water between the battery and the connection, should first wipe clean or wait for air-drying to charge, so as to avoid power leakage. Safety is the most important.


Thirdly, if the controller enters the water, the mini golf cart for sale can be left in the underground parking garage or in a ventilated place to dry. If the water in the controller leads to a short circuit of the power supply, the maintenance personnel should be arranged to carry out maintenance before it can be used normally.


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