Functions And Maintenance of Security Golf Cart Overview

Security golf carts are field vehicles developed for golf courses. The car has a low site, convenient up and down, small turning radius, flexible operation and vacuum wide tire, composite front suspension system, excellent shock absorption performance, smooth driving, comfortable driving; the rear suspension adopts steel plate spring shock absorption with high rebound, high bearing plate spring design, the vehicle load performance is superior, smooth and bumpy force is small, ride comfortable.


Security golf cart can be divided into 2 seats, 4 seats, 6 seats, 8 seats and other types, generally using a battery drive, with a speed of 18-24 km / h. Electric sightseeing bus has strong climbing ability, generally≥ 15%, this feature is convenient on the golf course, free driving, a charging completion can drive about 80 kilometers.


Security golf cart also known as electric golf carts, are environmentally friendly passenger vehicles designed for golf courses which are widely applied into all different places such as esorts, villas, garden hotels, tourist attractions and other places.

Excellent vehicle performance, novel appearance design, comfortable and safe ride, from golf courses, villas, hotels, schools to private users, will be the most convenient short-distance transportation. A player can drive a security golf cart on the course without needing a driver's license, but only if you must understand the basic sense of driving on the field to drive without damaging the pitch turf nor offending other players. Drive at a constant speed to avoid greater noise. When driving, caring much about other players around you is important.


Once you find that someone is ready to hit, you must stop until he hits before driving. Due to the different seasons and the course conditions, the ball will implement different security golf cart driving rules, two most common: first, security golf carts are only limited in the lane. The rule applies to wet and softer courts with the aim to avoid damage to the fairway turf.


Second, the 90-degree rule. The rule requires mini electric golf carts to drive primarily in the lane, after reaching a level with the drop point, turn 90 degrees right, drive across the lane directly to the position, and hit the ball to drive back into the lane and move forward. The 90-degree rule allows players to drive to the pitch and minimally damage the fairway. It must be kept in mind that golf carts, hand-pull carts are strictly prohibited from driving (pushing) the upper green and serve areas in any case on any course, otherwise causing serious damage to the course and is inexcusable. There are usually signs on the pitch for the golf cart to drive and park, and players should strictly follow it.

The Maintenance Method of Security Golf Cart :

1. The tire pressure is insufficient, which will increase the friction between the tire and the road surface to shorten the continuation mileage. When the air pressure is insufficient, the air pressure is insufficient.

2. When the car handle rotation is not flexible, and there is a jam, rigidity point or tightening point, it should be lubricated or adjusted in time.Use butter, calcium or lithium-based grease; loosen the front fork lock mother first and rotate the front fork gear. When the handle rotation flexibility meets the requirements, lock the front fork lock mother.

3. The rotation flexibility of the front and rear wheels is not good, which will increase the rotation friction, increase the power consumption, and thus reduce the continuation mileage. Therefore, in case of failure, there should be timely lubrication and maintenance, and lubrication will generally use butter, calcium-based or lithium-based grease.

4. When checking the circuit, turn on the power switch, check whether the circuit is smooth, whether the plug connector is firm and reliable, and whether the insurance pipe’s operation is normal, especially the battery output teminal’s connection to the cable is firm and correct. Any fault found should be eliminated in time.

5. Adjust the steering wheel front harness of the electric vehicle, and realize it by changing the length of the steering horizontal pull lever. Horizontal pull rod elongation, front beam value increases; horizontal pull rod shortens, and front beam value decreases. Loose the locking bolts at the ends of the bar and turn the bar to elongate or shorten. After adjusting properly, tighten the locking bolts for the joints at both ends of the horizontal bar.



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