Advantages of Electric Shuttle Bus And Its Maintenance

Electric shuttle bus is also known as electric sightseeing car, which is a kind of regional electric shuttle bus can be divided into tourism sightseeing car, the community to see the RV, electric classic car, small golf car. It is a kind of environmentally friendly electric passenger vehicles specially designed for tourist attractions, parks, large amusement parks, closed communities and school transportation.


More and more electric shuttle bus,electric shuttle bus manufacturers appear in our lives, especially in the major scenic spots. Compared with the traditional fuel motor vehicles, electric shuttle bus,electric shuttle bus manufacturers have their unique advantages.


Firstly: Drive convenience. Electric shuttle bus is very convenient to charge, the scenic area does not need to be equipped with professional staff to refueling, as long as remember to charge every day. Secondly: environmental protection. Electric shuttle bus do not produce contaminated impurities or gases, so they will do no harm to the environment. Because the environment of the scenic spot is paid great attention, electric shuttle bus can effectively make excellent contributions to protecting the environment of the scenic spot. Thirdly: transportation. On the one hand, the e electric shuttle bus,electric shuttle bus manufacturers can provide convenience for tourists. Tourists do not need to use the electric sightseeing car to travel, which is very convenient and saves the tour time. And the electric shuttle bus can also serve as a publicity tool of the scenic spot to easily publicize the characteristics of the scenic spot. Finally, Safety. The electric shuttle bus was smooth while running and without any noise. Even the ordinary motion sickness friends can also take an electric shuttle bus, do not need to worry about taking an electric shuttle bus will appear motion sickness.


Because of the above advantages, it has been welcomed and loved by the major scenic spots, and now the country is also increasing the capital investment in this respect, and also increased the number of electric shuttle bus. I believe that with these advantages, electric shuttle bus,electric shuttle bus manufacturers will gradually go deep into our daily life.


Maintenance method of the electric shuttle bus :

  • Disconnect the power, remove the key and pull the brake.
  • bottom check and fasten the rear wheel with triangular wood to prevent the vehicle from sliding during the maintenance process.
  • maintenance site shall be clean and safe.
  • Please start the vehicle following the safe operating procedures. The workplace should avoid Mars, and have fire prevention equipment, do not test the height of the battery electrolyte surface and leakage in an open fire place.
  • maintains proper workplace ventilation.
  • performs routine inspection and maintenance under safe working conditions. Operation content includes brake, steering mechanism, speed and direction control system, warning device, vehicle, lights, controller, safety protection device, etc
  • Repair the battery cover in accordance with the correct method.
  • keeps the vehicle clean, avoids Mars, and facilitates inspection of loose and defective parts electric shuttle bus,electric shuttle bus manufacturers using battery power supply drive mode, itself does not emit harmful gases of the air pollution, only battery charging can be used, because the power plant is mostly built away from densely populated cities, less damage to human beings, and the power plant is fixed, concentrated emissions, remove all kinds of harmful emissions is easier, also has the relevant technology.



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