2021 Hot Sale Electric Tow Truck

Electric tow truck is one of the  modern environmental protection pure electricity special transportation around the world. They are  widely used in  many places, such as factories, industrial zone, logistics centers, airport and so on.

Why does  the electric tow truck are so popular among us? Because they have the following advantages we will show you one by one. Firstly, they have mini size so they can go flexible even in the limited place. Secondly, they can tact the heavy weight goods like 2 tons, 5 tons or even more heavy item. Thirdly, they are easy to operate and easy to maintenance and the speed is quite low so is very safety to drive on the inside areas.


Taking our electric tow tractor as example, the max speed can reach only 20 kilometer. In the following, we would like to recommend  more detail  of our  electric tow truck for your reference. When it comes to  the electric tow truck, now we have  two models . The small one  can  pull 2 tons while the bigger one can pull 5 tons loading. In addition, the electric tow  tractor can customize as you need and also can  equipped  the trailer as you want. For the tractor ,you can choose the boxes or the platform can be seem the attachment picture.