How About LangQing Electric Cargo Truck ?

The electric cargo truck  is very popular recently around the world. As a electric car factory, we have various model of electric cargo truck. Our electric cargo truck is simply driven by electric power batteries, which is benefit to the environment. Our electric cargo truck’s max. speed is about 28 kilometer per hour and the range is about 70-90 kilometer, because our electric car is pure electricity so our car need to charge about 8-10 hours.


The following model is the sanitation vehicle, for this series we have some model, one model can load about 1 ton and the another model can load about 1.2 ton. If you need more than 1.2 ton we can make customization for you. The biggest selling point of the model is they have the hydraulic hoarding, which is easy for us to load the heavy goods to the platform. The model electric utility truck is equipped with a professional  truck frame that  anti-rust, anti-corrosion and a stronger structure, which can make the electric truck have a longer service life. This model also can install with doors for the cab and if you want to install the AC is also available. What’s more if you need the cargo box for the car is also okay for us but the loading capacity are not the same.



In the following we will introduce  the other series of the electric cargo truck for you. This series is the classical model in our company and have good comment from our customers. For this series, we have 0.9 ton loading capacity and 1.2  ton  loading capacity  with the loading platform. If you need the one with the loading box, the max. loading is capacity is 0.9ton. And the max. speed is also about 28 kilometer per hour and the range is about 70-90 kilometer but different model have different range. The charging time is about 8-10 hours. For the seats ,we have one row seat and two rows seat. What’s more the roof of the car can produce like the full roof or the half roof is also workable for us. The color of the electric cargo truck is optional and if you have any other demand of the car you can contact us for more detail.