Electric Mini Bus

As the hot Summer is coming and the weather is getting  hot. Most people would like to stay at home to enjoy the air-conditioner than going outside. If we can enjoy the beauty of the nature inside the sightseeing car in the park or other elsewhere scenic spot with comfortable temperature there will be  great fun. A lot of  visitors will be attracted  if you can provide them the “cold  journey” service in a shuttle bus with AC.

In order meet our customers demand and give them our best support , we Guangzhou Langqing Electric Car Co., Ltd  have produce the new model of 23 seats electric mini bus with  air conditioner to make the trip more exciting. For the electric car with air conditioner we also have 4 seats electric patrol car, 6 seats electric patrol car,8 seats electric sightseeing car,11 seats electric mini bus and 14 seat shuttle bus. This series  is suitable for working on the park , resort, campus, hotel, the industrial park and the rest. It is the biggest model at our company so far and with so  luxury design.



When it comes to this model , we will show you more detail about it. This model would loading 22 passengers and 1 driver so totally is 23 seats. There are totally 6 rows  comfortable sponge  artificial leather seats , 5 rows are forward and 1 row is backward so the visitors could choose the seats they like. You will enjoy your journey and listening to  the  music from the MP3 player with  2 speaker. As we can see , we design 6 doors on each side so it’s very convenient for the passengers to get in and go off  the bus but if you only need to design the door on one side also workable for us. You see the top of the  sightseeing shuttle bus could install with 2 air conditioner so that could keep the temperature cold in the hot  summer and warm in the cold winter. Our standard max-speed is 28 kilometer per hours so it is very stable, safe and comfortable for the passenger. As for the color of the electric sightseeing car is up to you so you can choose color you like.




Guangzhou Langqing Electric Car Co..Ltd  is located in Nansha district, Guangzhou ,

China which have nearly 20 years experience in dealing with various kind of electric

car at  home and abroad. Our main products are as follow: 8 seats ,11seats,14seats,15

seats and 23 seats electric sightseeing car with door  and without door, 2seats,4seats,6

seats and 8 seats electric golf cart, 6 seats,8 seats and  11 seats electric classic

car,4seats, 6 seats and 8 seats electric patrol car with door and without door, electric 

utility car, electric sanitation truck, 0.9ton, 1.2ton and 3 ton loading electric freight

truck, electric ambulance car, small city bus and the rest. If you need more

information of our electric car please feel free to contact us. We could

like to share more information for you reference.



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