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Nowadays, electric golf buggy is an environmentally friendly passenger car specially developed for golf course, which is used in many tourist attractions, resorts and hotels. With the strength of environmental protection, electric golf buggy for sale are accepted by more people. In such an environment, how much market demand for electric golf buggy? Over the years, Our company electric golf buggy for sale to many country. For example, Kuwait, Indonesia, United States, Vietnam, Thailand, etc.

Although the impact of the market economy has slowed down the development of electric golf buggy industry in the past two years, with the rapid development of the national economy and the gradual decline of the international financial crisis, the electric golf buggy industry has ushered in a good opportunity for development.

Thanks to the increasing production technology of electric golf buggy industry and the expanding downstream demand market, the development of electric golf buggy industry in domestic and international markets is very optimistic. In recent years, China's electric golf buggy industry has developed rapidly, and the domestic consumption of products has increased year by year. Most manufacturers not only provide electric golf buggy sightseeing car, classic car, truck and other series of products, but also produce other vehicles or sports equipment products at the same time.

Let me explain the following points for attention to the use of electric golf  buggy:

Players can drive on the court without a driver's license. But only if you know the basics of driving on the field, you can drive without damaging the turf and without offending other players.

You should drive at a constant speed to avoid making too much noise. Keep an eye on the player as you drive. If you see someone preparing to hit the ball, you must stop and wait until he hits the ball before driving.

Depending on the season and the condition of the course, different rules will be applied to the cart. Two common are:

First, electric golf buggy is restricted to the driveway. The rule applies to courses where the ground is soft and soggy and is intended to prevent damage to the fairway turf.

Second, the 90-degree rule. This rule requires electric golf buggy to drive mainly on the lane. After reaching the position flush with the ball drop point, turn 90 degrees at a right angle, cross the fairway and drive directly to the side of the ball. Implementing the 90-degree rule not only allows players to drive to the ball position, but also minimizes fairway grass.

It must be borne in mind that under any circumstances on any court, it is strictly forbidden to drive on the green and the tee, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the court and is unforgivable. Usually there will be signs on the court to indicate the area where electric golf buggy moves and parks, players should strictly follow the implementation.

The energy-saving and environmental protection of electric golf buggy is not only the favor of the golf course, but also the favor of many small scenic spots. The models are small, sensitive and convenient, and it is convenient to drive on the road. There are also many custom manufacturers of electric golf buggy.

The demand for electric golf buggy market is in a steady growth. I believe that in the future development, electric golf buggy for sale will be accepted by more countries.






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