Small Electric Truck

Small electric truck is a modern of environmental protection transportation. They are  widely used at places such as factories, airports, logistics centers, resort, hotel and so on. We take the weather into consideration so now we have electric cargo truck with door and without door. If with door could ensure users to drive normally in rainy and snowy days, have no  affected by the bad weather, but also provide users with a comfortable driving environment. The one without door  is more suitable to use in the hot weather in some areas and indoor. The electric truck is equipped with a professional industrial truck frame, which is rust-proof, corrosion-proof, and has a stronger structure, which can make the electric truck have a longer service life.




Small electric trucks are  environmentally friendly that  make driving more enjoyable and reduce air pollution. Small electric truck designed and equipped to carry goods,  and can divided into box trucks and flat trucks, which are most  popular around the world. We Guangzhou Langqing  Electric Car Co., Ltd is one of manufacturer of electric vehicles in China. Our trucks produced by excellent engineering production and technical personnel so the trucks with strong power, safe and stable performance and so on. It’s  most convenient means of short-distance transportation.





As for small electric truck , we have  several models. We have the model with door or without  door, some is stalled with case box ( the different material of the case box, like  composite box, iron box, stainless steel  box electric truck for you to choose) and some without .As for the loading capacity, we have 0.9tons, 1.2 tons and 3 tons. Most of the model only with two seats, but if you need the five seats or 4 seats is available for us. We have full cover roof model but also have half  roof one which could meet most of the customers demand. If you like your electric freight car with hydraulic tail plate , we will try our best to make you satisfied with our electric car. We also have some model utility car which could load about 400-600KG with box or the  flat one . Most importantly , our small electric truck is easy to cooperate, control  and very convenience , environment friendly and easy to maintain. 




Guangzhou Langqing Electric Car Co..Ltd which  is located in Nansha district, Guangzhou , China. We  have nearly 20 years experience in dealing with various kind of electric car at home and abroad. Our main products are as follow: 8 ,11,14,15 and 23 seats electric sightseeing car with door  or without door; 2,4,6 and 8 seats electric golf cart; 6 ,8 and  11 seats electric classic car;4, 6 and 8 seats electric patrol car with door or without door; electric  utility car; electric sanitation truck with lift board; 0.9ton, 1.2ton and 3 tons  loading electric freight truck; electric ambulance car; small city bus and the rest. We also have model with  air-conditioner or without. If you need more information of our electric car please don’t hesitate to contact us.




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