Where To Buy The Electric Utility Vehicles ?

In 2022, LangQing new electric utility vehicle products manufacturing with stylish and cool design emerge. As a 22-Year electric car manufacturing experienced manufacturer , professional and credible is our goal . LangQing works with personal, government, organization and area places where needs the electric utility vehicles. LangQing is the designated electric car supplier of the 9th,10th and 11th National Games of People’s Republic of China.2008 Beijing Olympic Games designated electric car supplier, 2010 Guangzhou Asia Games and 2011 Shenzhen World University Games designated of electric car supplier.

LangQing brand is a popular domestic top ten brand with long history, what are you waiting for ? Choose LangQing , choose a reliable partner ,enjoy the best quality of electric utility vehicles made from LangQing. Today when the world is thriving to use day by day new technology everywhere, electric utility vehicles must play a role in the world. Pollution, growing demand for fuel, global warming, promoting eco-friendly means of transport are some of the reasons for promoting electric  utility vehicles. Electric utility vehicle is equipped with multiple seats and cargo seats, which can not only seat people, but also be used to place goods. It is widely used in large factories, airports, schools, hospitals, hotels, and other places, truly realizing health, environmental protection, comfort and energy saving.



Electric utility vehicles can equip with different requirements:for example, model LQF065 ,the whole size is 4050*1220*1890m, it can pack up the weight max 1150kg,the platform size is 1800*1220*1220mm,the platform can meet customers different needs to change its material:aluminum alloy material and iron material. LQF065 runs from electricity and doesn’t emit smoke thus it is very helpful for reducing the pollution which causes many types of life threatening disease. It will reduce the import cost of petrol, diesel like fuels and thus it will help in growing the economy of the country. If we compare the recurring expenditure on petrol and diesel used in traditional means of transport , we will find the cost of electric utility vehicles are lower.

There is another hot selling model of electric utility vehicles in LangQing. Model LQF047, the whole size is 3280*1230*1880mm, the motor is in good quality with 3KW, it can drive max speed 24km/h ,the range is 80km where suitable for large factories, airports, schools, hospitals, hotels, and other places. Until now, LangQing electric utility vehicles has exported to many countries and serviced customers well. As the electric utility vehicle is cheaper and more environmental, people should use more electric utility vehicles in place of traditional petrol and diesel vehicles.


Government is highly promoting the use of electric utility vehicles. Some rebate on taxes and subsidy on purchasing the electric utility vehicles, are also provided by the government. Electric utility vehicles are the future .It becomes more necessary when we think about the growing pollution, pollution born disease and global warming. We must use electric vehicle keeping in mind the above points including the environment and also promote the use of electric utility vehicles.



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