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8 seater golf carts are environmentally friendly passenger cars specially developed for golf courses, which are used in many tourist attractions, resorts and hotels. With the intensity of environmental protection, electric golf carts are accepted by more people. In such an environment, how big is the market demand for electric golf carts? Although the impact of the market economy has slightly slowed down the development speed of the golf cart industry in the past two years, but with the rapid development of the national economy and the gradual fading of the international financial crisis, the golf cart industry has ushered in a good development opportunity again.

Benefiting from the continuous improvement of production technology in the golf cart industry and the continuous expansion of the downstream demand market, the golf cart industry is very optimistic about how to develop in both the domestic and international markets. In recent years, China's golf cart industry has been developing rapidly, and the domestic consumption of products is increasing year by year. Most manufacturers not only provide golf cart and cart series products, but also produce other vehicles or sports equipment products. In addition, China is one of the world's largest suppliers of golf carts, golf carts and their related products. Numerous golf cart products are exported every year.


The demand for the electric golf cart market is in a steady growth, and I believe that in the future development, the electric golf cart will be better and better. 8 seater golf cart series models not only serve the golf course, but also with different looks into the tourism vacation, leisure and comfortable living environment, LANGQING from research and development to manufacturing relying on a strong design platform, constantly try the use of new materials, to reduce the vehicle quality, reduce transportation costs. What you want, what you want. Adhering to the modular, lightweight, standardized design concept makes the products more tend to the international automobile trade level. The company is in line with the concept of the fine to establish the industry, with the quality to win, do a good job in every car, so that your life and work is more comfortable. It also has a perfect after-sales service system! Golf cart, also known as electric golf cart, steam golf cart, is specially designed to develop environmentally friendly passenger vehicles for golf courses.


8 Seater Golf Cart Product Features :

1)8 seater golf cart is simple to operate, with strong mobility and short braking distance.

2)The anti-corrosion and high-strength frame of the mini car is adopted to significantly improve the service life of the vehicle.

3)With a charger, it can automatically adjust the charging current to extend the service life of the battery.

4)Constantly try to use new materials to reduce the overall weight, reduce energy consumption and reduce the use cost.

5)8 seater golf cart is light and flexible, and can be easily used on narrow roads, fast and convenient.

8 seater golf cart matters needing attention :

1)Battery charging time and requirements should be operated according to the operating instructions.

2). Using the original car charger, whether the side will affect the vehicle power, battery life or battery damage.

3) It is strictly prohibited to start sharply and accelerate sharply suddenly when driving, so as to avoid causing safety accidents.

4)Overloading is strictly prohibited, and try to avoid sudden braking to avoid causing danger.

5)Regularly check whether the tire is damaged, and remove the stones and metal parts on the tire.



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