Something You Need to Know about the Electric Classic Car

The electric classic car is a kind of environment-friendly passenger electric car, which is specially developed for tourist attraction, park, large-scale amusement park, closed area, campus, garden hotel, resort, Villa area, City Street, airport port, dock line and the rest.

What’s more, electric classic car for  sale is with the following advantages , such as the excellent performance, novel design, luxurious and exquisite interior decoration, comfortable and safety, and is an ideal on-site electric sightseeing vehicle for us.

At present, there are mainly  four types of electric classic cars for sale, electric classic car, electric sightseeing classic car, wedding electric classic car, hotel reception electric classic car.



Some product features
They has the beautiful appearance, classic style, stable performance, good performance-to-price ratio, streamlined design. The design of all kinds of headstock has its own characteristics, mainly is a combination of classical and modern to form a modern vintage car.

The electric classic cars for sale  not only has a beautiful classic appearance, but also its overall performance is super excellent, is a combination of classical and modern, nostalgic and trendy. The electric  classic car is completely driven by battery, no noise, no pollution, and it is convenient and  easy to drive. The space in the car is very spacious and they have  wide view, and the leather seat is very comfortable. Sitting on it can not only enjoy the charming scenery around it, but also convenient, simple, bright and comfortable. It is convenient to charge and can replenish electricity anytime and anywhere. And the battery life of their own equipment is long, durable, fully powered, very smooth, not inferior to sports cars. To own an electric vintage car is to have an aristocratic life.

The electric classic cars for sale is mainly composed of body, roof, front windshield, chassis, seat, instrument, direction system, electrical appliance, motor, battery, electronically controlled speed regulation and acceleration system, suspension system and braking system.

Our electric classic  car for sale have several model with 8 seats and 11 seats including the driver. The difference between them is the headstock and the appearance. As for the electric classic car you can install the sunshade curtain or the rain curtain  is your optional. What’s more, we provide the custom –make service. And the color of electric classic car is optional, you can choose any color you like. The car can  install with the MP3 speaker so you can enjoy the music. If you want to install the safety belt is also workable for us. The seats of the car is PU very comfortable and the speed is stable so you just enjoy the beautiful scenery.

If you need more detail about our electric classic cars for sale  please feel free to contact us. We will share more information for your reference. We are a manufacturer and trading company with about 20 years experience in dealing with various kind of electric car at home and abroad. Our product are as follow: electric sightseeing bus, electric golf car, electric truck , electric classic cars for sale, electric ambulance car and the rest.



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