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Electric shuttle bus, also known as electric sightseeing car,, is a kind of regional electric vehicle, which can be divided into tourist car, residential car, electric classic car, small golf car. It is a kind of environment-friendly electric passenger vehicle specially designed for tourist attractions, parks, large amusement parks, closed communities and schools.


Electric shuttle bus uses battery power supply drive mode, does not emit harmful gas which pollutes the atmosphere itself, only needs the battery to charge can use, because the power plant is mostly built far away from the densely populated city, the harm to the human is less, and the power plant is fixed.

The following is a brief overview of electric shuttle bus,electric shuttle bus manufacturers
Distinguishing feature:1、Beautiful design;2、Space practicability;3、simplicity of operator;4、Energy conservation and environmental protection.5、High safety performance.
Use:1、Golf courses;2、Park area;3、Amusement parks;4、Real estate;5、Resort;6、Airport;7、Campus;8、Public security and comprehensive patrol;9、Factory area;10、Port terminals;11、Large-scale exhibition reception;12、Other uses of the site car.


Here are the basic components of electric shuttle bus,electric shuttle bus manufacturers:

Electric sightseeing car consists of three parts: electrical system, chassis and body.
1. The electrical system is divided into two systems according to its function:
(1) Power system - maintenance free battery, motor, etc.
(2) Control and auxiliary system-exit electronic control, accelerator, switch, wire harness, charger, etc.

2. The chassis is divided into four systems by function:
(1) Transmission system - clutch, gearbox, universal drive shaft device, main reducer in drive axle, differential and half shaft, etc;
(2) Driving system-play the role of link and bearing. Mainly includes the frame, the axle, the wheel and on;
(3) Steering system - including steering wheel, steering gear and transmission bar etc;
(4) Brake system - used to control speed and stop. including brake and brake control devices.

3. Body - used to ride drivers, passengers.

Drive mode of electric shuttle bus,electric shuttle bus manufacturers:
Electric shuttle bus power energy acquisition methods, such as coal, nuclear energy, hydraulic and so on. The electric shuttle bus can make full use of the surplus electric power charge at the low point of the evening electricity consumption, make the power generation equipment can be fully utilized day and night, greatly improve its economic benefit, and benefit the advantages of saving energy and reducing the emission of carbon dioxide.
Motor classification: 1、DC motor;  2. AC motor

Maintenance of charger: Charger is not universal, not the same brand of charger mutual use, easy to cause overcharge or insufficient charging, battery protection has a great impact, It is recommended to use the original charger.

Matters needing attention for electric shuttle bus:
1)、Every day before driving to check whether the electricity is sufficient, brake performance is good, screws are loose, such as failure should be timely repair troubleshooting, check to determine that there is no fault before driving;
2)、Charging should take place where children have no access;
3)、Each stop must turn off the power switch, pull out the key, the gear switch to the neutral position, and the hand brake pull up;
4)、Maintenance or replacement of battery, electrical appliances, to turn off the main power switch after operation;
5)、Children play in the car to unplug the key switch to avoid danger;
6)、Before driving electric vehicle, check whether the door is closed;
7)、Turn off the main power switch immediately when the fire is caused by accident or other reasons.


Body maintenance: Be careful not to use corrosive products to check and wash, avoid exposure to the sun.




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