How much do you know about the Electric Classic Car

Nowadays, the electric car is becoming more and more popular around the world. But how do you know about them? If you want to have more information about it, let’s learn something together. The electric classic car is widely used in many  places. Such as real estate, amusement park, hotel, resort, Villa area, closed area, campus, tourist attraction, airport port and the rest. Four types of electric classic car in the market, like hotel reception electric classic car, electric sightseeing classic car , wedding electric classic car and the  electric classic car.

Our electric classic car with new design and high quality. As for how may seats, we have 8 seats and 11 seats.There are some differences between them is their out looking and headstock. Many options for the classic car for you to choose. You can choose to  install the rain curtain or sunshade curtain. In addition, we will provide you  the custom–make service if you need. For the color of the car, you can choose any color you like. The seat is PU so it’s very comfortable for the passenger. If you need the safety belt,MP3 or  the reversing instrument  is available.



In the next, we will share some information about how to maintain the electric classic car. If we use the electric classic car properly and maintain them with scientifically and then they will work for us longer.

About the maintenance of the electric classic car are as follow:

According to the maintenance items specified in the operating instructions and check them on time. There are some parts need to check ,such as the charger, the battery and the motor and some other parts. You can check the maintenance detail on the manual, they will show you the notice.

Before drive the electric classic car, the front parking brake should be placed to the bottom so as not to burn the brake pads. Checking the breaking system every three months to see if there is any deviation or poor braking.


Checking the fasteners of the electrical system every three months, good contact must be maintained. At the same time, the contact status of the contacts should be checked, the defects should be corrected in time, and the deposited dust should be cleaned with low-pressure air. Always pay attention to the heating phenomenon of electrical parts. In order to ensure safety, the positive power supply on the battery must be removed when the vehicle is being maintained. What’s more , it is strictly forbidden to step on accelerators and frequently touch accelerators so as not to shorten the life of electronic control.

Children are strictly prohibited from playing in the car.

When driving, children should sit among adults to avoid car crashes.

After that , I do believe you know more about the electric classic car .But We would like to introduce some other electric car to you. We have various kind of electric car. Such as the electric sightseeing car, golf car, utility car, ambulance car, truck and the rest. If you need more information please search our website. Sincerely hope we will do business together.



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