Electric Shuttle Vehicles Can Be Used For Many Transportation Applications

Our electric shuttle vehicles can be used for many transportation applications, including public transit, airports, hotels, university and corporate campuses, parking lots and more.
We have 8, 11, 14, 15 and 23 seaters electric shuttle vehicles. For8 seaters electric shuttle vehicles, we use 48V batteries and 4KW DC motor. For 11, 14 and 15 seaters electric shuttle vehicles, we use 72V batteries and 7.5KW AC motor. While for 23 seaters electric shuttle vehicles, we use 96V batteries and 15KW AC motors. Besies, For these electric shuttle vehicles, we also make open or closed(with doors) for more options. In addition, for some countries, like UK, Japan, Australia, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, we also manufacture right hand drive electric shuttle vehicles.
For batteries, we have used high quality brands. For domestic sales, we use common water batteries, which is low cost and long life span. For international trade, we usually use free maintenance batteries, which is very convenient for customers’ daily use.
For controllers, we use the famous U.S. brand-Curtis. It is one of best controller brands around the globe.
For closed electric shuttle vehicles, we can also install air conditioner. However, to use the air conditioner will influence the electric shuttle vehicles’ range.
For electric shuttle vehicles’ color, we can make it according to customer’s requirement. For the common colors, they are white, black, green, blue, grey, silver, yellow and so on.
The electric shuttle vehicles can also be modified to electric cargo van or electric ambulance cars.
If you want to extend the range, the best way is to use more powerful batteries, like 200Ah, 260Ah batteries.



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