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 In recent years, as the environmental problems caused by air pollution, the development and use of new energy vehicles instead of existing fuel vehicles has become an inevitable trend in the future. This is especially true for scenic spots, amusement parks, parks, golf courses, and electric shuttle bus for the closed community. LANGQING electric shuttle bus manufacturers to analyze the market prospects of the electric shuttle bus industry.


The development of electric vehicles in China started late,in 2000 LANGQING electric shuttle bus manufacturers has its own research and production capacity. After more than a decade of growth,domestic electric sightseeing car industry develops rapidly. With the breakthrough of key technology and the improvement of performance, it has gradually replaced the fuel car, and its environmental protection, cheap, fast and convenient, has also been recognized by everyone, also stimulated the market demand for electric vehicles. LANGQING electric shuttle bus manufacturers development Club Car, Shuttle bus , Golf Car, Patrol Car, Classic car, Freight Car, Ambulance Car, Towing Tractor, Sanitation Vehicle etc, dozens of models.  


Not only the domestic development electric vehicle has the advantageous development condition and the broad application prospect. First of all, China has a large population, with a large passenger transport market, so it has a large electric shuttle bus market. Secondly, because of the shortage of energy, the problem of environmental protection is becoming more and more serious. It is a good choice for protecting the environment. It meets the needs of national development and has broad development prospects and market potential. At the same time, electric shuttle bus also meet the needs of environmental protection around the world. At present GUANGZHOU LANGQING ELECTRIC CAR CO., LTD have sold more than 100 countries. Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Russia, Sweden, Austria, Netherlands, Nigeria, Mauritius, Angola, Australia, Cuba, Mexico, United States, Chile, etc.

LANGQING electric shuttle bus manufacturers performance characteristics:

  1、The whole model is beautiful and generous
  2、See-through Laminated glass & wide horizons
  3、The MacPherson Strut suspension system, coil spring+shock absorber,further increase ride comfort
  4、According to the ergonomic design, passengers ride more comfortable and safe, left and right view ignore the line barrier, to maximize the passenger view experience
  5、Finally, the rear seat is designed to make the body more compact. It not only reduces body weight and length, but also reduces cost 
  LANGQING electric shuttle bus manufacturers applicable places:
  Scenic spots, parks, playgrounds: fashionable shape, energy-saving and environmental protection electric shuttle bus, has long been a standard tourist attractions, large parks and playgrounds, not only the basic allocation of star evaluation, but also to increase the charm of scenic spots, attract the attention of tourists a beautiful scenery, but also to improve the tourist revenue and operating efficiency of the inevitable choice
  Hotel, urban pedestrian street, resort and villa area for guests, can optimize business environment, improve guest's stay experience, thus attracting guests to stay repeatedly
  Schools, hospitals: electric shuttle bus can be used as buses in schools or hospitals to facilitate travel by teachers, students, doctors and patients in schools or hospitals
  Airport, port, wharf, station, factory, industrial park: it is the ideal walking tool for leading inspection, guest visit, smooth driving, comfortable ride, wide view, guests can listen while watching, maximize the visit experience




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