These Bad Habits Lead to Battery Inflation of Electric Vehicles

The mileage and power performance of the electric vehicle  depends on the battery and the price of the battery is relatively high in the whole vehicle. In summary, the importance of the battery to the electric vehicle can be imagined, many people see the battery expand but do you know why? Let us learn together about it.




First, if the charging time is too long, the battery will be inflated so the electric sightseeing car’s charging time should not be too long. If the battery is recharged repeatedly for a long time, it is easy to cause the battery to be overcharged. What’s more the charging time too long will leads to about 15% of the battery inflation .


Second, the misuse of different specifications of charger will cause the batteries expand, if you misuse different specifications of chargers, there will be a mismatch between the rated voltage and current of the charger and the battery, not only battery charging drum, but even explosion.




Third, the  battery will be overcharged in the high temperature environment for a long time. The normal charging mode is depending on the battery power, the charger can float for 2 hours after turning green light, if the electric car stop working in a high temperature  need to wait until the surface temperature of the battery should be cooled naturally and then recharged to avoid charging in a high temperature environment.


Fourth,the damaged charger will make the battery inflated, the electronic components on the electric car charger main board are welded. Some large electronic components, bumpy vibration may cause de-welding, resulting in poor contact, resulting in current instability and protection function failure during charging, resulting in battery  become inflated.

Fifth, the inferior charger will make the battery become inflated. Some consumers will buy one if the original charger is broken. If they buy inferior goods, it will do great harm to the battery. The current of this kind of charger is unstable and the heat dissipation is not strong. Long-term use of the battery will be inflated.


Sixth, if the battery is damaged and still be charged, the battery will be inflated. Sometimes the electric car encounters a traffic accident, such as a crash or fall, and the battery changes qualitatively under the action of external force. If you continue to charge such a battery, it will also be recharged.


Seventh, the battery itself quality problems lead to inflated, some consumers in order to save money and  bought low-quality batteries. 




In the process of battery production, these inferior goods are not evenly acid added, or the amount of acid is not enough, or are originally renovated or repaired, even if the above problems are eliminated, there will still be a bulging phenomenon. Of course, battery life cycle is also related to the performance of electric vehicles, so it is also very important to choose a good electric car.

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