LangQing Electric Sightseeing Car

You can see various kind of electric sightseeing car at many places such as park, resort, hotel, air port, factory, community and the rest. Why they are so popular, because they have the advantage as follow: the design is beautiful, the space is practical, the operation is simple, energy saving and environmental protection and high security performance.
The electric sightseeing car consists of the three main parts: the electrical system, the chassis and the body. The electric sightseeing bus is powered by the battery so that they can make full use of the surplus electricity when the electricity is low at night, so that the power generation equipment can be fully utilized day and night, and its economic benefit is greatly improved. It is conducive to saving energy and reducing carbon dioxide emissions and some other advantages. The batteries used in electric sightseeing vehicles have the characteristics of large capacity, light weight, long life, convenient charging, high safety, high efficiency and so on.--1.png

The following are some notices before or when the electric sightseeing car is charged. In general, the charger is not universal, and the chargers of different models of the same brand are not used with each other, which is easy to cause overcharging or undercharging, which has a great impact on the protection of the battery. It is recommended to use the charger of the original factory.
Before charging, the electric tour bus should open the cover of the battery or turn on the exhaust bolt of the battery. The charging room should be well ventilated, no open fire, no smoking, so as to avoid explosion due to the accumulation of too much hydrogen released by the battery during charging. The voltage, current parameters and charging curve of the intelligent charger have been adjusted before leaving the factory. It is strictly forbidden for users to adjust privately.
About the charging time. In the process of use, we should accurately grasp the charging time according to the actual situation, refer to the usual use frequency and mileage, and grasp the charging frequency. Charge after a short running time after full charge, the charging time should not be too long, otherwise it will overcharging and make the battery hot. Overcharging, over discharge and undercharging all shorten battery life.
How to maintain the charger?
Firstly, the AC power outlet of the electric sightseeing car must be matched with the AC power plug of the charger. Secondly, the AC voltage should be stable and the change usually should not exceed 220 + 10%. Thirdly, Charging operation procedure: disconnect the electric lock switch on the vehicle, insert the charger output DC plug into the battery main plug, and then insert the AC input plug of the charger into the AC power outlet. Fourth, please read the charger manual carefully before using the charger.


For our company, we have various model of electric sightseeing car, such as 8, 11,14,15 and 23 seats, they can be install with door or without door and with AC or without AC. Welcome to visit our website or contact us for more information about our product.



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