Langqing Electric Fire Engine

Last time we have a brief introduction of our electric fire engine so today we will  share more detail of them to you. The electric fire engine belongs to the fire fighting equipment. Langqing electric fire engine included the follow four parts as follow: body, chassis, cab and equipment room. More details you can click where need electric fire engine standby

When conceived in the nineteenth century, the electric fire engine was proposed to replace the steam fire engine in use at the time. It was to be constructed in such a way that it would use a supply of electrical power that came from a central station whereby electricity could be distributed to various covered stations and city supply points. This would require underground or overhead wiring similar to that used for electric light, trolleys, and other power users of the time.

What’s inside in the equipment room? Let’s introduce them to you, there are a vehicle-mounted water tank, automatic foam mixing system(consists of motors, high pressure pumps, and Foam agent box, reducer and voltage regulator) and high pressure water pipe reel. As a Chinese old saying goes "sparrows have all five internal organs".

langqing electric fire engines

Guangzhou Langqing electric fire engines use electric power as  energy source, environmentally friendly and energy saving. What’s more, they are in small size so they can be drive on the narrow streets, hutong, small village in the city and small countryside. They can be widely use in the Grass-roots fire fighting, small town fighting, community fighting, industrial fighting etc.q

langqing electric carts

Advantages of electric fire engine

The electric fire engine would have several advantages over the steam fire engine. One was that an electric fire engine could be brought to full power immediately, whereas a steam fire engine took time. It was necessary to keep the fire going all the time to boil the water on a steam pump vehicle, with workmen furnishing coal for it. This was required so that as little time as possible was lost getting the water to boil to produce steam to run the water pump to extinguish the fire. In the case of an electric motor running a fire engine water pump, its operation was basically instantaneous since the motor was running at full power capacity when the switch was turned on. The advantage of using electricity was its lower cost overall, and simplicity of operation.

Other advantages of using an electric fire engine were that it would not produce loud noises, smoke, dust, cinders and ashes, as steam fire engines did. Also, the cost of an electric fire engine would be about one-third that of a steam boiler fire engine. A typical electric fire engine weighed sixty percent less than a steam boiler of the same capacity.

electric fire engine practice

With the improving of people’s living stander and the rapidly economy. People pay more attention to the narrow places safety. Fire is a great disaster that will threaten people’s safety and property. Therefore, it ‘s necessary to have some fire equipment  standby in the public and  our electric fire engine  is a good choice . Guangzhou Langqing Electric Car Co., Ltd with many years experience in research& development, we produce various kind of low speed vehicle golf cart at China and abroad. Our main product as follow: electric sightseeing car, electric classic car, electric patrol car, electric utility truck, electric ambulance car, golf car, club car, utility car, small city bus and  the rest.

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