Langqing Electric Cart Takes You to Travel Beautiful Scenic in China

Welcome to China for traveling, nowadays, we have many famous developing scenic spot. Today, we will introduce some well-worth visiting tourist spot to you. But most importantly, those spots cooperate with our Guangzhou Langqing Electric Car Co., Ltd, with our electric sightseeing car, please feel relieved to have a trip with your family. Some spots as follow:

Tianya HaiJiao in Hainan


At Sanya, China, the sky connected with the sea, you can see the blue sea and blue sky which was only describe on the book. You could enjoy the various kinds of sea food and tropical fruits together here. There have long beach and spectacular reefs so you can running after the spray or sit down on the beach to enjoy the sea breeze.


What’s more, you can swim in the sea freely to have fun.

Yindu River in Dali


Yindu Shuixiang original name “Shizhaizi” is located in in Xinhua Village, Caohai Town, Heqing County, Dali. It’s consist of "Xinhua International Eco-Park", "Shizhaizi Handicraft Exhibition Garden", "National Baiyi Three City Street" and "Yunnan Silver Museum", "Ancient Platform" .It covers of 16 square kilometers. It is a 4A-level scenic spot in China. When walking along in the ancient streets, you will experience the special ethnic customs. If you tired, you can take the shuttle sightseeing bus on the scenic area, have some special snacks, while enjoying the beautiful scenery.


When come to Yunnan, please don’t miss the beautiful and well-know spot as below!

Yulong Snow Mountain in Yunnan.


Yulong Snow Mountain is an attractive tourist spot where you want to visit for many times. It’s  the best time to travel there in May. It combines the world's famous mountain danger, wonder and beauty. Here you can really feel how magnificent the scenery of magnificent mountains and rivers is!


Beijing, the Capital of China.


If you go to Beijing, you won’t miss the Olympic Park which is our country’s proud. The Beijing’s Bird’s Nest and The Water Cube is another grand beauty during the night. Of course, there are some must visit place of interest, such as the Great Wall, the Imperial Palace, Temple of  Heaven and so on.


Hailing Inland in Yangjiang.


If you want to have a walk along the seaside and Sanya is far away from you then Hailing Inland is a good choice. Hailing Inland is surrounded by sea, it is well-known at home and abroad for its characteristics of blue water, clear sands living near the seashore, eating seafood and buying seafood. It covers an area of about 330,000 square kilometers and with a coastline of more than 3260 kilometers. The island also has its own unique mountains. Hailing Inland is one of the most well-know tourist spots  at the west part of Guangdong Province. What’s more, you cold live in the room with sea view and enjoy the fresh seafood with a reasonable price.

Hailing inland was called “the Oriental Hawaii”and as good as Sanya. You can enjoy the most beautiful sea and the freshest seafood. Wow, so many seafood don’t you want to go there without delay.


Guizhou Jianhe Hot Spring


In this season if you go to Guizhou, we recommend you to enjoy the hot spring. Jianhe Hot Spring City has beautiful environment, quiet and elegant, mountains embracing, special architectural style, antique fragrance, strong ethnic flavor. . At present, we are under lots of pressure, tired and busy. If you soak in a hot spring here, it  will  help you relax your heart and soul.


Please pay attention to your safety while have fun, wish you a happy and unforgettable holiday.

As saying goes: Body and soul, there must always be one on the road!

So backpack up and walk away

The world is so big, we need to go out to experience it.

Taking your luggage.

Let's go and have a look!



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