How About The Security Golf Cart ?

At present, the security golf cart used in the market can be mainly divided into electric golf cars and fuel golf cars, but with the advancement of time, users in the social progress market will choose more electric cars when choosing security golf cars. So this has a lot to do with the advantages of the electric golf body.

First of all, relative to fuel golf cart, electric security golf cart powered by vehicle power, through the motor wheel wheels to meet the special needs of each golf cart in the market and research and development and production of a can be applied in Gaulle cart can be flexible applied in the tourist attractions, parks, communities, buildings and other places of new environmental friendly electric vehicles.

Because its electric energy for power, so it will not exhaust any harmful substances such as waste gas, belongs to zero emission vehicles, not only can effectively protect the golf cart site lawn for the environmental protection and the air clean is very beneficial, and fuel golf cart in driving will discharge a lot of exhaust gas, so from environmental protection and energy saving electric Gaulle cart is occupying a greater advantage. So this has a lot to do with the advantages of the electric golf body.

In terms of use cost, electric golf carts also have unique advantages. According to the scientific calculation, electric golf cars cost about 5 corners, while fuel golf carts cost about 3 yuan every 6 kilometers. This allows an electric security golf cart to save us a lot of use costs every year.



From the maintenance cost, the main maintenance cost of mini electric golf cart from its battery and some driving parts is relatively simple and cost saving, and fuel electric golf car it not only need to maintain its engine, oil, but also need to its braking system and other complex components for maintenance, so from now on, electric golf cart is also more advantage. For golf carts, the average speed of 18-24 km / h can be flexibly applied to golf courses, but in some other fields, this speed is relatively slow, so many users are using methods such as adjusting the transmission to improve the driving speed of electric golf carts, so that it can run faster.

The arrival of winter, because of the temperature, use demand and other conditions so that the busy year of golf cart can finally stop a good "rest", so for most of the time out of the golf cart we just leave it aside?

Avoid rapid parking of electric golf carts should avoid sudden braking parking as far as possible, because sudden braking will not only accelerate the grinding of the brake lining, but also the current feedback caused by emergency brake affects the motor controller, affecting the driving mileage and the life of the motor controller. As users, in order to ensure that the golf cart can also play a better work efficiency next year, so we have to do a good job of maintaining the golf cart in the winter?

1, Generally speaking, the use frequency of golf cart in winter is low, so we first need to do a good job of its storage, to ensure that it can store temperature, humidity more comfortable environment, because the lower temperature will cause the golf cart battery discharge, long time will affect the service life of the whole battery.

2, As a golf car because its own is an electric special vehicle, so we should do a good job in the inspection of its lines in winter, to ensure that each line, connector, line head has no aging, vulcanization problems. 

3, Regularly charges the battery of the golf cart to prevent the long-term unused battery from the discharge and power loss, thus affecting the service life of the whole battery.

4, For the electric security golf cart stored for a long time, we should remove the negative power cord on the battery column to make the whole DC circuit disconnected, and regularly check whether the battery line and terminal are loose, wiring without corrosion and rust. The surface corrosion and rust can be cleaned with an iron brush.

5, In winter, due to the low temperature, the use environment is relatively bad, so in order to safety, we drive the golf cart as little as possible in rain and snow weather to prevent short circuit, at the same time, the Gaulle cart should avoid driving on the road with water and serious snow.

6, Checks whether the brake systems and controllers are normal, and checks whether these parts have rust and aging after use in the year. Meanwhile, we also need to check the bearing lubrication points of the electric vehicle and butter them regularly.



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