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Guangzhou Langqing Electric Car Co.,Ltd has been 20 years experience in specializing in the electric car of  development, design ,production ,sales and after-sales service since 2002. We provide the first-class green environmental protection series of electric vehicle products for  golf courses, tourist attractions, premium hotels, resorts, premium villa areas, commercial pedestrian streets, communities, factories, schools, airport, hospitals and etc. Among them, the 6 seater electric golf car beats a great selling overseas, it is widely praised by customers in the quality and after-sales service . Now please allow me to introduce you the details of the 6 seater electric golf car.

There are two models of the 6 seater electric golf car, model LQY065A and model LQY065 . The size of LQY065A is 3715*1220*1950mm,while the size of LQY065 is 4050*1220*1950mm ,the difference of them is the distribution of the seat. LQY065A has 4seats facing forward and 2 rear facing seats,while the seat of LQY065 is 6seats all facing forward.The curb weight of LQY065A is 705kg and the gross weight is 1215kg,while the curb weight of LQY065 is 710kg and the gross weight is 1215kg .The specifications of two models are nearly same,the motor is 3KW , the battery is 48V,the range reches to 80km ,the maximum speed is 24km/h, the climbing ability is 20%,the minimum clearance is 105mm ,the battery charging time is 8-10h.



In order to extend the battery life of the 6seater electric golf car ,please charge it as soon as possible after the battery is discharged deeply. We recommend that it’s better  not to keep the over discharged batteries for more than one day, otherwise it will cause the battery life more shorter. The tyre size is 18*8.5-8/4PR, please maintain the normal tire pressure when inflated (the tire pressure is 137KPa). Otherwise, it will lead to abnormal wear of the tire under too high or too low pressure,which affects its using life when driving the 6 seater electric golf car. In order to make tire wear balance and extend the life of tire, it’s better to check it regularly and change tires every half years .

The 6 seater electric golf car should be placed indoors. If the vehicle is placed in the open air when raining, the rain will enter into the vehicle causing the electrical fault and the mechanical part may be rusted which shortens the service life. Every 6 seater electric golf car will be strictly inspected before shippment to ensure that every spare part works normally. As for the after-sales service of the products, we guarantee that the after-sales time of the 6 seater electric golf car is 6 months after shippment. When the vehicle defects related to the material quality and the manufacturing process during the warranty period, we will provide FREE parts for replacement.

Good news that the 6 seater electric golf car is for sale , we strongly welcome you to order this hotselling product , we will offer you a best service and give you an unforgettable purchase experience ! Looking forward to your visiting!



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