Electric Tow Tractor And Electric Tow Truck

Electric tow tractor is driven by motors and is used for the transportation of large quantities of goods inside and outside the workshop, the transportation of assembly line materials, and the material handling between large factories. The materials are often stored in trailers and tractors are required to solve the efficient transportation of materials in different intervals. The rated traction load ranges from 1000kg to 5000kg. Langqing electric car company has electric tow tractor,electric tow truck. 
Our electric tow truck has the loading capacity 1000kg, 2000kg and 3000kg. The truck can be closed with door. The fan is the standard fittings. And you can choose the Air conditioner as the optional fittings. In this way, you can use the truck all the seasons. 
If you want more loading capacity, you can choose the Electric tow tractor. The capacity for the Electric tow tractor is 2000kg and 5000kg. 
The operator must be familiar with the structural performance and working principle of the electric tractor and master the basic operating skills of the electric tractor before the driver can drive. 
1. Before driving, check whether the conditions are normal everywhere. The indicators on the dashboard are normal and whether the capacity of the batteries is enough. 
2. Check the starting, running and braking performance.
3. To check whether the lights and horn signals are normal, safety must be ensured. The horns, headlights, direction lights, steering gears, brakes, etc. must be sensitive and reliable.
4. Check whether the electrolyte of the vehicle battery is normal? Replenish the electrolyte in time.
5. Check whether there is oil leakage or liquid leakage in various parts of the car, and replace the seals in time.
6. In addition to the above inspections, the electric tow tractor should also be inspected according to the relevant inspection contents of the battery car.
The characteristics and market analysis of electric tow tractor and electric tow truck and Electric tractors have the advantages of high energy conversion efficiency, low noise, no exhaust emissions, and convenient control. Meet the needs of various logistics transportation and distribution systems, which can significantly improve the efficiency of production operations. With the development of the logistics industry and the improvement of environmental protection requirements, the market demand for electric tractors is increasing. In countries that attach great importance to environmental protection, electric vehicles are very useful.



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