Electric Sightseeing Car

At present, all kinds of electric sightseeing cars have been widely used in scenic spots, leisure resorts, large parks, university campuses, airports, high-speed railway stations, docks, large factories and other closed places. Electric sightseeing car undertakes various uses such as personnel ferry, safety patrol, cargo handling, vehicle traction and so on.
Electric sightseeing car not only has simple shape, strong bearing capacity, low speed, good safety, reliable quality and performance, but also cost - effective, and is favored by more and more customers. However, electric sightseeing car unlike cars, electric sightseeing car are special equipment with limited range of activities and cannot be repaired or maintained regularly at 4S stores or factories.


For customers, it is very important to master and carry out the daily maintenance and maintenance of electric sightseeing cars.

Firstly, Basic principles for the management of electric sightseeing car:
1) Electric sightseeing car is charged at least once a month;
2) Do not use corrosive cleaning products to scrub the car body;
3) Check the condition of the vehicle before use and then drive;

4) Electric sightseeing vehicle in the start, manned, uphill, as far as possible to avoid stepping on the acceleration, forming a instantaneous high current discharge;
5) After the use of safe parking, all switches off, and timely charging;
6) Regularly check vehicle fasteners and cables for loose or broken.

Secondly , Inspection before use of electric sightseeing car :
1) Before driving, the driver should check the following items habitually, if there is a fault, it should be repaired and eliminated in time, otherwise it cannot drive out.
2) Check the vehicle, observe whether the tire is normal, and confirm whether the tire pressure is sufficient;
3)Turn on the vehicle main power switch and key switch, observe the instrument display, check whether the electricity is sufficient or the voltage is normal;
4)Sit on the driver's seat, turn on the power switch, loosen the driver brake, adjust the forward / backward switch, light the accelerator pedal, and then press the brake pedal to confirm that the relevant functional operation or actual performance is normal;
5) Try turning the steering wheel gently to make sure the steering system is normal ;
6) Turn the left and right steering switch separately, ask someone to assist or self-get off to confirm whether the front and rear steering light indication is normal;

Thirdly, Necessary operation after use of electric sightseeing car:
1) Electric sightseeing bus should stop in the normal parking space, and be sure to tighten the handbrake for parking to ensure that the electric sightseeing car cannot slide or slide on its own. Note: The electric sightseeing bus is strictly forbidden to park over the designed slope so as to avoid the danger of sliding down the slope;
2) Turn off the steering switch, key switch and main power switch to avoid the danger of misoperation and reduce unnecessary power consumption during parking;
3) If the short-term or the day no longer need to use, and more electricity consumption, should be connected to the charger in time to charge.

Finally, Electric sightseeing car major items that must be maintained on a regular basis:
1) Check batteries regularly;
2) Check batteries regularly;
3) Regular charging;
4) Check fasteners and cables regularly.

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