Electric Security Cart

Electric Security Cart is a kind of car specially designed and developed for security department for patrol using to keep public order and peace. The vehicle is especially suitable for public security patrol, colleges and universities, hospitals, stations, airports, docks, and other fields of transport. A security cart can usually seat 2-8 people, equipped with warning lights, sirens, and a shouting device.


Intelligent and high-efficiency electric security cart features dexterity, high speed, long driving distance, strong carrying capacity, wider field of vision, easy to patrol, and Environmental Protection and energy conservation, which can save fuel cost by a large margin, at the same time, its low noise, zero-emission characteristics of the environmental impact is very small. Therefore, it plays a certain role in reducing environmental pollution.


The shock and awe of electric security cart also have additional security features, equivalent to mobile police workstations, propaganda stations, and event data recorder for recording and taking evidence, to ensure daily public security.


What advantages of the electric security cart has?


1. The electric security car is well equipped, which plays an important role in public security and even the prevention of terrorism.


2. Additional security features, such as external loudspeakers, have been added to assist in turning patrol cars into mobile police workstations and propaganda stations.


3. Event data recorder, which can record the whole process of the vehicle and supervise the daily checking. (it can also install a car-mounted pan-tilt to monitor the situation around the vehicle and store the image data as needed.)


4, To facilitate the use of customers, all vehicles using AC power system, improve the driving performance and safety performance of vehicles, but also equipped with a maintenance-free battery and car charger.


5. Improve the image of the government: through the unified allocation of vehicles, can increase residents' sense of security, constantly remind residents of security awareness, become a new bright spot to create a harmonious community and living environment, improve the image of the government.



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