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8 seater golf cart LQY085

Our 8 seater electric golf cart also the same size as the 6 seats cars, 2 more seats are ok both for people or luggage. It is a perfect choice for courtesy shuttles, security patrol vehicles, parks as well as recreational type vehicles. Sure, it will give your visitors a nice first impression and enjoy their trip.

Technical specifications

  • Passenger Capacity: 8 people
  • Maximum loading: 680 kg
  • Range: 80 km
  • Maximum speed: 22km/h



Technical Specifications

L×W×H 4505×1220×1950mm

Motor 3kW(DC)

Battery 6Vx8pcs

Passenger Capacity 8 seats

Kerb Weight 760kg

Gross Weight 1440kg

Axle Distance 3220mm

F Tread 870mm

R Tread 980mm

Min. Clearance 105mm

Min Turning Radius 6.5m

Braking distance≤5m

Max. Speed 22km/h

Range 80km

Charging Time 8~10h

Climbing Ability(full loading) 15%



Our Electric Vehicles offers a wide range of colors, not only the colors pictured on the website. Please contact our sales for more information.


Looking to travel the golf course in style? Search no more! This luxurious hot sale electric mini club car 8 seaters golf car LQY085 max speed is 22km/h, mini electric golf cart loaded is 80km, mini golf cart for sale recharge time is 8~10h, the motor is 48V/3KW DC motor, 48V/3KW DC motor, the material of low speed vehicle golf cart is ABS Plastic/ PP material. 8 seater golf cart offers you a stylish comfortable ride around the course. This high quality electric golf cart has so many great features, it's too hard to pass up. Take a look another mini golf cart and you'll notice that you won't find a better deal than langqing 8 seater golf cart. What are langqing electric tourist vehicles advantages? High quality, we are the leading low speed vehicle golf cart manufacturer, over 15 years experience. Quality is the first langqing focus on. Good quality have the bright future. Mini electric golf cart design, comparing with other electric tourist vehicles factories, our security golf cart appearance with a new streamlined design, high-grade paint, bright colors, beautiful and stylish, competitive and reasonable price. We will offer a good price as quantity and give our best discount. Quick response, our electric tourist car team will give you the answer in 24 hours, once we receive your inquiry and questions. 8(6+2) Seats is the biggest one in the golf carts series, we offer various vehicle to accommodate industrial and commercial customers. 


-How to maintains the car daily?

--Together with the cart, we have user manual, It will list how to maintains the electric car buggy, please keep it and read it for use.


For mini electric golf cart, how many seaters you prefer? We recommend our 8 seats model LQY085 to you. It is one of our hottest sale models. This mini electric golf cart from GUANGZHOU LANQING ELECTRIC CAR CO., LTD. has been built with streamlined design and integrated features for the comfort and entertainment of golfers while their connected technology gives you the freedom to manage your course from the course – not a desk. This mini electric golf cart has 3KW power motor. High quality controller lets this mini electric golf cart work more efficiently. The lead acid battery is a no-maintenance, high-performance power source that can save you money and staff time, increase car reliability, and conserve energy to improve the overall performance of your operations. Besides, Welded tubular steel with rust-proof powder coated paint chassis and plastic body make it more durable. Its max speed 22km/h bring passengers safety. The 18×8.50-8 6PR golf tire make your driving more comfortable. 80KM range, 20% climbing ability(load), max braking distance 4.5m, 6.5m min. turning radius, charging time 8-10 hours bring it very popular in neighborhoods, hotels, resorts, parks, airports. We do believe this mini electric golf cart will be your best choice. We have 1 year warranty for main parts, like motor, controller, rear axle and chassis. 


Our Guangzhou Langqing Electric Car Co., Ltd is a manufacturer who has 19 years experience in dealing with various kinds of electric cart and mini golf cart for sale. As for the electric mini golf cart for sale, we have 2 seats, 4 seats, 4+2 seats, 6 seats, and 8(6+2) seats.
With the popularity of mini golf carts for sale at the airport, the market of electric golf cart is expected to expand. In addition, the airport authorities also use electric mini golf carts for a variety of purposes, such as carrying passengers, checked baggage and carrying heavy goods. The mini golf cart is for the internal transport of passengers at the airport. They have excellent vehicle performance, novel design, comfortable and safe driving. It’s a good choice for the golf courses, villas, hotels, schools, resort and private users will be the most convenient means of short-distance transportation.
Our mini golf cart with streamline styling design of four-seats electric mini vans, they not only protects the charm of pure golf carts, but also highlights the latest fashion design; it use the domestic top control system and power unit, strong power, with smoothly accelerated; lengthened body, steel chassis, fine craftsmanship, multiple anti-rust treatment of sheet metal parts, adapt to the complex use environment, really easy to drive and very durable.
We are so familiar with golf car quality control, like plastic cover parts, chassis frame, painting, electric and mechanical parts, and maintenance. To meet your special customization requirements, the pattern can make what you want and the color can paint what you like.
Lang Qing, your special customization expert. Chose us, you will know how professional we are!


Customization & Accessories


Plastic seats


Rain cover


Safety bar


Two points seat belt


Sun curtain


Roof handle


Solar panel


Quick change batteries car


Build in charger

Shipping Info


Suggest the disassembled packages for this model. It can save the space of the container. If you do not want to extra installation in your side, you can choose the full assembled package.

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