8 Seater Golf Cart For Sale

Guangzhou Langqing Electric Car Co., Ltd. is a reliable and professional electric golf car company. We sell a wide range of golf buggies to make your round of golf easier and more enjoyable. A comprehensive range of electric buggy for sale are available from leading brand such as LANGQING. Compact, balanced designs and lightweight lead acid batteries make setting up and using these buggies extremely easy.
8 seater golf cart, model No.LQY085, our version of the stretch limo, built from the ground up for quality, endurance, and the smoothest ride available for up to 8 people. It moves people in style, with superior comfort and performance.
8 seater golf cart for sale is our most stylish and sophisticated transport vehicle yet. We’ve updated one of our most popular vehicles with enhanced features and best-in-class maneuverability – allowing you to streamline your operation with comfortable, reliable transportation. The new 8 seater golf cart price offers premium comfort and durability to move up to eight (8) passengers at a time. This vehicle is equipped with an updated automotive design and a spacious cabin, which provides a comfortable space for operators and ease of ingress/egress for those on board. A long time classic on resorts, the 8 seater golf cart moves up to eight passengers in a single trip and can replace expensive vans. Yet it also travels narrow areas not accessible to conventional vehicles.
8 seater golf cart now includes a powerful 3KW DC motor for better efficiency and consistent performance, regardless of the application. The vehicle is also available in quiet, zero-emissions electric models with optional extended-range batteries and 300 Amp controllers to keep the 8 seater golf cart powered and moving a long time. Smart onboard chargers(optional) with reel retractors prevent common user errors and let you charge at any 110-volt outlet.
Safety and cleanability are made easy with 8 seater golf cart’s marine-grade vinyl seats, which can be quickly wiped down and maintained over time. In this new model, safety-enhancing features such as industry-exclusive daytime running lamps, LED headlights(optional), turn signals, tail/brake lights, a four-wheel braking system, and a horn ensure that your guests arrive safely. Villager 8 is built to last on a rustproof aluminum frame that resists water, fertilizers, chemicals and salt. Fade- and impact-resistant fiberglass bodies help the vehicles retain their youthful appearance.



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