14 Seats Electric Bus Fashion Design Electric Shuttle Bus For Sale

At present, electric bus play an important role in the short distance transportation. You can see various kind of electric sightseeing bus at the park, resort, hotel, school, airport, factory, industrial zone and the rest. Why 14 seats electric bus so popular, because they are very convenience and environmental friendly, easy to cooperate and maintenance.


For 14 seats electric bus we have several model with different design, if you are interested in them please feel free to contact us. For electric shuttle bus, we also have 8 seats, 11seats, 15seats and the biggest one is 23 seats. For 14 seats electric bus, we have the model which can install with door or without door. If you need the air conditioner it’s workable for us. Most of our 14 electric shuttle bus for sale install the maintenance free lead acid battery so the charging time is about 8-10 hours, the range is about 90-100 kilometer and the maximum speed is about 28 kilometer per hour but if you need higher speed electric car please inform us and we will check with our engineer. Any color of the electric car is available, and also have some other option for you such as can install with safety seat belt, and the camera, and the reversing instrument and the rest.



At April, the electric shuttle bus for sale, if you are in the market for electric shuttle bus for sale please feel free to contact us. We will share our price list and more detail of the 14 seats electric bus for sale for your information. The whole body of our electric shuttle bus for sale is fiber glass, different model have some difference, and the seats are very comfortable and durable. The color of the electric shuttle bus for sale is optional, you can choose any color you like. We can install with the sun curtain and the rain curtain for protect the sun and the rain. If you purchase the 14 seats electric bus with door is a good choice if your country is rainy often and cold. For the electric shuttle bus for sale you can install with the air conditioner and the heater to provide good environment for the passenger.